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Lotus & Luna Discount!

Exciting news! One of Affinity Fair Trade favorite makers has offered YOU, Affinity fans, an exclusive discount! Now you can get 20% off all your orders from using code AFFINITYFAIRTRADE. This discount will work as many times as you want and on every order!!

We will still stock Lotus & Luna products in the shop, too, but now you have access to every print of their fabulous cozy harem pants, wide-leg pants, every color combo of Healing Necklace, every color duo of reversible bucket hats, their full Men's jewelry collection, their gift sets, skirts, shorts, cover-ups, and (my new favorite) shirts. All 20% off anytime you want!

You should probably save this post. You're gonna want to remember this!

Shop anytime using code AFFINITYFAIRTRADE for 20% off!

Lotus & Luna products are hand made in Thailand. They employ 300 artisans, promoting growth among the villages and helping the artisans achieve a high quality of life. We love their commitment to ethical production and their goal to make the world a better place!


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