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Human Trafficking Awareness

Today, January 11, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. I am wearing blue for this day. #wearblueday

Not-So-Fun Fact, Texas has one of the highest human trafficiking rates in the U.S. In fact, It's ranked number two - only behind California. Our wide-open-spaces, high-speed highways, and proximity to Mexico all factor into that.

Women, unhoused minors, refugees and migrant workers are most at risk statistically. It is heartbreaking to me that "opportunities" to improve their lives is often what traffickers use to gain control of them.

I recently read The Girl With The Louding Voice by Adjoa Andoh. It is the story of a young woman in Nigeria who was forced into marriage at a young age as a third wife. (slight spoiler alert following:) Through a series of events that were not in her control, she ends up being trafficked away from her home and put to work in the home of an abusive woman. Rather than paying the girl for her work, they pay the trafficker for his services.

I won't spoil any more of the story than that, but it opened my eyes to how someone could end up in a trafficking situation through no fault of their own and not through the "kidnapping" that is so often portrayed in the media. This is real people, doing their best to thrive in their lives by doing what they can.

I, admittedly, am new to learning about these issues, so I am no expert. I encourage you to take some time to learn. Google an article, read a book (I highly recommend the one above for everyone! Girl power at it's best!), whatever you can do. I'll list a few of the resources I've used below.

In December I participated in Dressember - a style challenge to wear a dress every day in December for the purpose of raising money and awareness and help end human trafficking. The fundraiser is open through the end of January, so if your heart is looking for a small way to help go to . Just $30 can provide one trauma-informed counseling session in an aftercare center. $80 can provide all the school supplies for a year for one child trafficking survivor.



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