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Maker Highlight - Freeleaf

Freeleaf is one of Affinity Fair Trade's favorite sources. Let me introduce you to them!

Their website says, "Freeleaf is a social enterprise providing employment and holistic care to at-risk and previously abused or exploited women in Asia and Austin. Every product is handmade by these survivor artisans and every purchase helps create a world where women are {k}not for sale." They are members of the Fair Trade Federation, and the Female Founder Collective.

What I love about the Freeleaf mission is that it's all about empowering women who are looking for a new way of life. I was once in my shop when I heard a customer say to a friend, "Look! This tag is bragging about being made is Asia - like that's something special." Yes I am bragging about it being made in Asia. HANDmade in Asia by strong women who've survived hardships that I can't even imagine and then gotten up and moved forward. Even if I can't relate to the specifics of living through sex-trafficking, I can certainly relate to facing hardships and I understand how hard it can be to get up and claim any forward momentum. Big high-fives and all the love and support to everyone moving forward!

What I love about the Freeleaf products that Affinity Fair Trade stocks is that they seem to fit into so many different styles! The Believe bowl is so beautiful in it's simplicity that it can fit into modern decor, farmhouse, beach, minimalist, or any other style you can name or have. I have one in my own home because I love it so much!

The big, beautiful Abundance Wall Hanging adds drama... but somehow in a very zen, peaceful way. The knotted circular pattern plus the long, soft tassels adds texture and depth. It reminds me of sand drawings sometimes, or a cloud, or the old tale about how one twig can be easily broken with just your fingers , but if you have a whole bundle of twigs together you couldn't break them with your fingers or even with all your strength. ... Take whatever meaning you want from it (or just enjoy it's beauty without any deep meaning behind it), but you can't deny it's beauty.

To get to know Freeleaf even more, you can watch this YouTube video to meet a few sweet employees and see their workspace. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook . Or take a look at their website.

You can shop Freeleaf at Affinity Fair Trade at our Frisco or North Richland Hills locations or on their website (linked above).



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