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Fair Fashion - Zuri Kenya Review

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Fashion is totally subjective. What I love, others may think is crazy or ugly or just not worth the time. That's OK! In my opinion, that's what makes fashion fun!

So, take it or leave it, here's a #fairtrade fashion brand I've recently purchased from and loved.

Zuri Kenya -

I'm a big fan of color, so what caught my eye first from Zuri was the amazing prints and colors. All their clothes are made in Kenya with some of the fabrics "Kenyan grown, printed and stitched", says the website. Other options were handloomed in India or handprinted in Ghana. The hardest part was picking a print that I loved enough to wear for years and years, through fashion shifts and trends (because for that price, I knew I needed this to be a "forever dress"). Once I settled on my blues on blues print (called Poseytivity), I was anxiously watching that mailbox!

The real thing did not disappoint when it arrived! It felt like it was made for me. I felt fabulous and casual and dressy all at once! (It takes a special kind of outfit to fit all of that into one dress! No wonder Zuri has a hashtag #justonedress ) I have worn it twice now and each time I styled it differently, but it still looks perfect and I still have other ideas of how to style it: Add a belt, layer with a cardigan, wear it unbuttoned over a black dress like a duster, it even came with a diagram of how to style it as a skirt!

(Next up I want to try it with black tights and black combat boots!)

The dresses come in 2 lengths, "Standard" or "long" - I ordered Long because I like a dress to hit right below my knee (Long adds 2 inches). Did I mention the fully-functional pockets? And that it's machine washable? Also, if the prints are a little too much for you, they have beautiful solid-colored options.

TBH, I may have been slightly distracted in church the first time I wore it - daydreaming about how I felt empowered wearing such a beautiful dress and how wonderful it was to know that the people who made it were equally empowered in the making process!

Zuri also has shirts, baskets and bowls, art prints, belts and more.

The Carrot Top shirt is on my Christmas Wish-list. I mean, I'm a redhead who's favorite color is purple and who loves a pun - this one's a no-brainer!

In conclusion, I give Zuri five stars! I literally wouldn't change a thing about the dress I received. I want to wear it every day, and I feel like the quality is good enough that I totally could. I know the price may exclude some buyers, but sometimes "You get what you pay for" really does apply. In this case, I am willing to pay for fair trade, ethical work practices and sustainable processes.



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