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But what can I do about it?

Sometimes I wonder why "fair trade" is even a thing. Like, do we really need to say that we think everyone should be paid fairly for their hard work, skills, and time? The truth is, yes, we do have to say it. The truth is that if we don't say it, it won't happen.

One of my sons recently had a school assignment regarding minimum wage. He compared minimum wage in the 1990's and the cost of living then, to the minimum wage now and the cost of living. He was quite surprised to learn that you could just barely get by in the 90s on minimum wage, but that now there is no way you could support yourself on minimum wage. I pointed out to him that even here, in the "first world", prosperous, United States of America, we have to be aware of workers rights and fight for them.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” *

Since doing nothing is NOT the answer, that leaves doing SOMETHING.

That can feel overwhelming, I know. I believe that we do not have to suddenly change everything about how we buy and where we buy. I believe that we can start by doing better as much as we can whenever we can.

Doing better might look like going out of your way a little to shop local, and handmade. It might look like searching for a fair trade option first when you're shopping. It might look like following some more sustainable, fair brands on social media so that you're aware of what they offer and how you can help. It might look like trying some good old, "reduce, reuse, recycle" tactics at home with what you already have. It might look like voting in local elections.

The point is, you can do something. Even just one small something. One manageable-for-you something can make a big difference.


* The origin of this quote is apparently somewhat disputed. It is often contributed to Edmund Burke.

** The Book of Mormon- Another Testament of Jesus Christ - Alma 37:6



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